Working From Home or Office?

Is working from home a viable option in BAM?

One of the trends that we have seen in the United States is the desire to work from home – the home office! We love going to work in our shorts and slippers, the flexible schedule, & having family nearby. But does this work overseas?

A Quick Story

A few years back I ran into a man who ran his BAM business from his home. He was excited because it was lower financial overhead, close to his family, and very easy! In his eyes…it was ideal. The only problem was that the community did not understand what he was up to. There were a lot of questions and doubts in their minds.

Why was he at home all of the time?
Was he a real businessman?
Does he have a real job?<
Was he really working?

It didn’t fit into the box of “going to work.”

Understanding your host culture

Whenever you enter into a new culture to live and start a business, you really need to take some time to understand the views of the culture. Taking the attitude of a learner is very important. Asking the right questions and observing honorable businessmen or women is crucial! In the case of working from home, we have found it is very important to ask around…ask your local friends.

But is it wrong to work from home?

There is nothing morally wrong with working at home! The question that you need to ask yourself is, “Will working from home help or hinder my presentation of the gospel?”

If barriers are set up because your host culture does not understand the concept of working from home, then you will want to find an office.

This is just one more area in which we need to be “culturally sensitive.”

Each culture is different! Make sure you do your homework at the beginning so that you do not set up unneeded barriers to the Good News.

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