Who is a Business as Mission Person?

The question of who is a BAM person?” is a very different question from “what is BAM?”.  To help answer the question of who is a BAM person, the Lausanne Movement provides an accurate picture.  In 1989, the Lausanne II Congress outlined 9 considerations defining a BAM person. 

These 9 considerations are as follows:

  1. A BAM person is CALLED TO MINISTER;
  2. A BAM person focuses on RELIGIOUS MINISTRY;
  3. A BAM person possesses a SECULAR IDENTITY;
  4. A BAM person is INTENTIONAL;
  5. A BAM person possesses strategic and tactical TRAINING;
  6. A BAM person is CROSS-CULTURAL;
  7. A BAM person resides in a CLOSED COUNTRY;
  8. A BAM person possesses a RESIDENT VISA;
  9. A BAM person’s business is a primary SOURCE OF SALARY;

Patrick Lai in his book, “Tentmaking: The Life and Work of Business As Missions” provides detailed explanations for each of the considerations above.  Lai’s book is foundational reading for anyone considering the life of a tentmaker.

If you are asking the question, “Who is a BAM person?” then I am going to challenge you that you are really asking is whether or not YOU are a BAM person.

  If so, here are a few questions I want you to ponder based on the considerations above.

Question 1:

Are you being called to minister?  Have you had a dream or vision, been singled out by church leaders, been invited by a missionary worker, or have a burden for a specific group of people?

Question 2:

Do you have the God-given ability to evangelize in your work?  Are you already involved in ministry where you display an ability to give Christian witness in the midst of your ministry activity?

If you answered yes to these questions, then I urge you to begin investigating the life of a BAM person  Start here to understand some immediate steps you can take. 

We want to hear from you and hear about what God’s doing in your life, and we would love to help you in that journey.

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