Ultimate Checklist for Starting a BAM Business

So you are interested in starting a Kingdom Business?

We are in the process of developing the ultimate checklist of anyone looking to start a life in Business as Missions. It is a work in progress!

Getting Started

Do you have a call to a life of Business as Mission?
If you are married, is your wife also called?
Get your church involved in the process with prayer & wise counsel
Decide which country or people you want to focus on
Decide if you are going alone or with an organization
Take a research trip to your new country to gain a better understanding
While on the trip, make a list of possible business options or jobs available
Decide if you are going to get a job or start a business

If you are going to start a business

Take your list of business ideas and try to determine the best idea
Start the business research on the best idea to see if the business is viable
If possible, do a simple test to validate your business idea.
Write a business plan including the financials
Use your business plan to determine If it is wise to start that business
Determine if you can run the business on your own or do you need a team
Develop your business team
Decide what type of business you will register (sole proprietor, LLC, etc)
Determine who will be the owners
Develop a ministry plan for the business (be proactive)
Determine you capital needs and where it will come from
Raise your capital
Decide on the business name
Buy the appropriate domain name for your website
Start developing your business identity (website, blog, brochure etc)
Secure the social media names (Facebook, twitter etc)

***At some point in this process, you will head overseas***

Find a good accountant or lawyer (depending on your country) to help you set up the business
Complete the registration process of the business
Find the right office or location for your business
Develop a list of ways you can be intentional with your business to proclaim Jesus
Set up your accounting system
Develop a marketing plan and strategy for your business
Use a calendar to schedule out the plan
Develop your marketing materials
Begin to execute the marketing plan
Sell, Sell, Sell
Measure, Evaluate, Adapt
Work as to the Lord and not for man!
Proclaim Jesus at any opportunity

If you are going to get a job

Make sure that you are qualified for the job
Get the training or experience you may need
Develop your CV for the job application process
Contact the employer about the job
Compete the application
Schedule the interview
Make sure the job fits with your vision, values and purpose
Negotiate the best possible contract (think about travel, time off, work hours, pay etc)
Develop a strategy for how this job will help you accomplish your vision
Work to identify some intentional ways to share your faith on the job
Work as to the Lord and not for man!
Proclaim Jesus at any opportunity
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