Business as Mission Training

2 Free Courses to Help Build Your Foundation

Is God leading you into a life of taking the gospel to the unreached?

We have developed 2 free courses that will help you prepare.

This course was created by people on the ground with years of experience. Consider doing this course as a team or with a mentor.
business as mission training

What will you cover in this business as mission training?

  • Lesson 1: Defining your Purpose
  • Lesson 2: Laying the Spiritual Foundation
  • Lesson 3: Defining your Core Values
  • Lesson 4: Starting to Develop the Plan
  • Lesson 5: Is your Business Idea Culturally Appropriate and Wanted?
  • Lesson 6: Will your Business Enable you to Proclaim?
  • Lesson 7: How is your Professionalism?
  • Lesson 8: Let’s Talk Profit!
  • Lesson 9: Christ as Capstone & Cornerstone
  • Lesson 10: Finding the Key

Who should take business as mission training courses?

These business as mission training courses are designed for those interested in learning more about BAM. Whether you are just getting started thinking about business as mission or you have started your journey, this course above (and those mentioned below) will be helpful as you look to learn more. The BAM360 “10 Lessons: Preparing for a Life in Business as Missions” is designed for someone who has decided to move forward with BAM. It is NOT an introductory course but lays the foundations for someone looking to do BAM well.

Do you need business as mission training?

From our experience, most people could use some training in business as mission. Those just starting out in a life of BAM need to make sure they truly understand the ins and outs of business as mission. They should consider the costs, the commitment & the challenges of doing BAM. We have also seen that many of those called into a life of BAM are not business people. They need to get some training on starting and running a small business. For those already on the field, you may need a specific course on marketing, sales, HR or some other aspect of running or growing your business.

If you feel like you need some more business as mission training, you should consider investing some time into learning more about BAM.

Other Business as Mission Trainings

There are a number of other excellent trainings in BAM offered online or in person. Here are a list of some of the ones we are aware of:

  • Third Path InitiativeThird Path is an equipping process designed to accelerate the kingdom impact of leaders around the globe. 
  • TriventureTriventure was created to address a major challenge in the BAM space by integrating top-of-the-line training Courses & Coaching
  • Praxis – We are a global community of practice building a portfolio of redemptive ventures through formative programs, imaginative content experiences and more.
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