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Mats Tunehag

Mats Tunehag is a leader in the area of Business as Mission. He believes there is no option for the Christian business to leave out the Great Commission.

According to the website:
Mats is the co-leader of Global Think Tank on BAM. His website includes BAM Think Tank Reports, Video Resources, and BAM material in 16 languages. Mats’ biography is worth reading, as you will hear his heart and realize the wealth of experience that he brings to the world of BAM.

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Work as Worship Network

RightNow has developed the Work as Worship Network to eliminate the separation between work and worship. The 2 hours at church each week should enable us to go out into the world with the Truth of the Gospel during the other 166 hours.

According to their website:
The Work as Worship website is full of resources. They have a Bible Study Library, a Training Library and much more.

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YWAM Introduction to Business as Mission Course

YWAM offers an Introduction to Business as Mission course in Thailand for those interested in starting a business as mission or for those who already own a business and are interested in this type of cross-cultural training.

According to their website:
YWAM is committed to equipping BAM entrepreneurs through their Introduction to Business as Mission Course. The course includes “Four Building Blocks”:

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The Lausanne Movement

Mats Tunehag is the senior associate for Business as Mission in the Lausanne Movement. He is directly involved with the BAM Think Tank. He is a freelance speaker, consulter and writer and his works are featured on this site.

According to their website:
The Lausanne Movement website features the outcomes of the BAM Think Tank and valuable conclusions to the questions of defining BAM including viable characteristics.

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The Traveling Team

Business can work together with mission to transform peoples, both by supporting mission financially, but also engaging in mission within the business.  Ken Crowell, founder of Galtronics, has modeled this approach globally.

According to their website:
Business as Mission is defined, along with the foundations of BAM.  The 3 models of BAM according to Ken Eldred are identified and the vital role of college students today heightened.

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