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BAM – Sharing on the Job

One of the questions that I get asked on a regular basis is, “How do you integrate your faith with your job?” What a great question! Since making money is not our primary focus, we need to be intentional about keeping the “main thing the main thing.” A Quick Story A few weeks back, one …

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5 Viewpoints to Consider

5 Viewpoints to Consider While Evaluating Your BAM Business Idea Your business idea is one of the backbones of your life as a Kingdom entrepreneur. There are a number of different methods to generate potential business ideas including:  Many new and inexperienced BAM practitioners ignore these methods completely and simply copy something that has worked …

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3 Things They All Say About BAM

What people say about BAM and how you can avoid it from coming true to you… If you’ve spent any time around the mission community, there are 3 common criticisms about the concept of Business as Missions. If we actually analyze their fears and concerns from past history, you may even see why they came …

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40 hours per week! But how?

Are you struggling to find time to do business? One of the most common comments that I hear, when talking with those doing Business as Missions, is “I can only really invest 25 hours per week in my business because I need to save time for the other important things!” What are the most important …

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Answering the Hard Questions

Have you ever been asked an uncomfortable question? Perhaps one of the hardest things that many BAM entrepreneurs face when entering a new location are all of the tough questions they get asked by their friends and host community. A few questions I was asked were: Why did you leave America to come do business …

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