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Tentmaking – The T1 Model

Patrick Lai, in his book Tentmaking: The Life and Work of Business as Missions, describes 5 different categories of Tentmakers: T1 – T5. So what about the T1 model? What are the pros and cons of this type of tentmaker? Definition: A T1 tentmaker is basically someone who happens to work for a secular company and

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Types of Tentmakers: T1-T5

Patrick Lai, in his book, “Tentmaking,” helpfully describes five types of tentmakers. Using a scale from T1 – T5, Mr. Lai clearly lays out the different kinds of tentmakers Mr. Lai’s research indicates that T3 and T4 tentmakers are most effective in their outreach. This is not a judgment of T1, T2, and T5 tentmakers’ faith

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Why BAM?

Our family comes from a line of Christians working abroad! I was talking with my mother the other day and she commented on how different things are now from when they lived overseas. Actually, the main difference is that they worked in a very open country as traditional “m-workers” and we are living in a

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