Here are a few other Tests & Tools you might find helpful

Missionary Profile Test

One of the key components of any effective BAM company is to have a heart for the nations – a missionary heart! Here are 25 questions to test your heart… Take the test now.

Strength Finder Test

The premise behind the book and test is to discover your strengths. Once you know your strengths, you can begin to focus on working more in each of these 5 areas. We have found this book very helpful in our business and teams. You can buy the access code here OR buy the StrengthFinders book from amazon (it comes with a test code.)

SWOT Analysis Chart

If you are looking to do a SWOT Analysis of your Kingdom Business, you can use this free chart to help you visualize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Planning is a vital part of starting a business, so make sure you complete a SWOT analysis.

Porter’s Five Forces

This analysis will help you to understand the competitiveness and attractiveness of the market for your business idea. Recognize that Porter’s Five Forces does not account for the greatest force at your disposal – the power of God. However, from a business planning perspective, the Lord has told us to be wise and to plan. Learn more about Porter’s 5 Forces

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