The “P” in Church Planting – Purpose

Over the years, I have realized that it can be easy to get distracted from your original purpose for becoming a BAM entrepreneur. When most of us start out, we have been called by God to reach the nations for Jesus. We are focused, driven and ready to do anything for the gospel of Jesus.

We call this “keeping the main thing the main thing”.

Write it down…

I would highly recommend spending some time to write down on paper your purpose or vision for your life and ministry.

Remember that it doesn’t really matter what your ideas are…make sure to spend time seeking the Lord for His purpose. Once you have written them down, share your purpose with your pastor, leader, and close friends.

Ask them to hold you accountable for fulling the purpose that the Lord has given you. I would encourage you to allow them to ask the hard questions and make sure you keep the “main thing the main thing.”

Distractions – many good things

One of the biggest hinderances to a ministry that stays focused on the main purpose are all of the “good” distractions.

Every day we are given opportunities to do things…some of them are from the Lord and some of them are not…purpose killers.

Let me share a personal example: I remember getting so focused on being the best possible team leader (not a bad thing) yet that was actually motivated by fear; fear of persecution that might happen as a result of me being on the street proclaiming.

I was being sidetracked from the Lord’s purpose in my life. Educational study, prayer letters, conferences etc… can all be purpose killers.

Asking yourself the hard questions

One of the principles I try to apply in my business is to continually ask myself if the task I am doing is the most important and productive task for me that day.

Knowing business purpose and goals, I try to make sure I am doing the best possible activity. I believe the same applies to your tentmaking ministry!

We need to constantly be asking the Lord what is the most important task we should be focusing on and allow Him to lead us according to His purpose.

You might find that the Lord has something totally unexpected for you to do.

In this article we have focused on the overall purpose of your life. As you begin to develop your BAM business, you will want to make sure you clearly think through the purpose of establishing your business. If you are interested, you may want to read more on purposes of establishing a tentmaking business.

Purpose – Remember to keep the main thing the main thing!

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