The “P” in Church Planting – Price

This past week at our international gathering that pastor was talking about “counting the cost” for Christ. He specifically was looking at “taking up your cross and following Jesus.” Jesus paid an amazing PRICE when he purchased our lives by His blood on the cross. Are we willing to pay the price to serve Him?

Price of Going

The most basic price that you will have to pay as a tentmaker is leaving your home country, your family & friends. You will leave everyone that you ever loved and move to a brand new place where you will be a stranger. For many, this is one of the most difficult parts of living overseas…leaving their family!

Jesus makes it clear that whoever leaves “father, mother, sister, brother…” will be blessed in heaven.

When we decided to head to our first closed country, an aunt wrote and questioned how we could take our blonde daughters into this oppressive country. She questioned our calling!

Sometimes, the price of going means going against the approval or understanding of your family. Jesus left his home on heaven…He paid the price.

Price of Comfort

For some people, leaving is not an issue at all. There is another price that we all pay and that is the price of leaving our comfort zone.

I am actually not talking about physical comfort…although for some this is a challenge. I am speaking of leaving the comfort of your home culture and entering a new culture where you know NOTHING. You will be challenged and stretched beyond your imagination, but Jesus will help you to survive.

Those effective for the Kingdom are willing to give up their cultural comforts and engage fully in their new culture.

Price of Privacy

I was talking to some friends the other day and they were struggling with the fact that their house is no longer a place of refuge. They have neighbors dropping by at all hours of the day! They were concerned about their private time…where could they go to get some rest and privacy?

What a great problem and hard question! Great in the sense that their house is a place of constant ministry, yet hard because you do need some rest. Did Jesus have a place of privacy? It seems that he had to get away to a quiet place when he wanted his own time…

Price of Persecution

The final price I shall address is persecution. Brothers and sisters all over the world are being persecuted for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to stand with them? Even in persecution?

This is a decision that each of you needs to decide before the Lord…how will you address the subject of persecution? Will you leave if times get tough? Will you die for the gospel? Will you stand with local believers during times of trouble? Persecution is serious and scary…but God will deliver you one way or the other.

Are you ready to pay the price

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