The “P” in Church Planting – Prayer

As you begin to develop your Tentmaking Church Planting (CP) efforts and strategy, there are a number of vitals “P” words that you should remember. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a few of these “P” words that have had serious impact on my ministry.


Now I am sure that many of you are thinking, this is obvious! As Christians, prayer is part of my life and part of my strategy. Let me ask you a question: 

How much time do you specifically spend in prayer for the lost, your country, your friends, & for God to move mightily around you?

The reality – Who does the work?

Think about the reality of working for the Lord. We are just HIS vessels looking to be obedient to what he has asked us to do. The “battle is not against flesh and blood”… “The god of this age has blinded their minds”… The “Cross is a stumbling block”… Their “minds are veiled”…

UNLESS the Holy Spirit begins to work in someone’s life and soften their heart, NOTHING will happen. This is where I believe prayer plays a huge role.

Prayer – Be Specific

One thing we have tried to do is pray before we walk out of the house. Perhaps you are heading out to buy groceries in the market OR out for a business lunch; are you praying for opportunities…specific and tangible opportunities?

When you hear of someone sick, do you offer to pray for them? When someone is hurting or in need, do you pray? 

We need to be known as people of prayer!

 Perhaps you are the first person who has ever taken the time to pray for them. Don’t be ashamed to pray!

Prayer – Do it with others

One thing that has been super encouraging is to pray together as a family. Each morning, before breakfast, we gather for 20 – 30 minutes and spend time with the Lord. We worship, we pray…together with our kids, we ask the Lord to move in mighty ways. What an encouragement!

Besides being an amazing time of worship and prayer, we are modeling to our kids the importance of prayer in our lives. They are your disciples… Do you pray as a team OR with others?

Prayer is the foundation

I challenge you to make prayer the foundation of your tentmaking ministry, business, relationships and family. Be a person of prayer!

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