The “P” in Church Planting – Power

Starting with the foundation of Prayer, the next “P” that is vital to any BAM person’s life is POWER. I am not talking about super human strength, but the power of God. Over the past 10 years of living in the Arab world, one thing I have learned: Without the power of God moving, we are unable to accomplish anything!

The Setting

Let’s take a look at the scenario in which we are working. We know from scripture that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. We know that the gods of this age have blinded the hearts of unbelievers. We know that we are the aroma of death to those who don’t believe. And on and on…. We are living and working in an area where the odds are stacked highly against us.

By ourselves, there is no way that we can fight this battle or even live.

The Truth

But we have hope! He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. We are told that we are more than conquerors! We know that we have the aroma of Christ in our lives.

We have the Lion of Judah on our side! We are in the Lord’s army… The key to all of this is that we need the power of the Lord on our side. We need Him to work and to move in mighty ways. We need Him to break down the walls and bondage.

We must rely on the mighty Lord God to do His work in and through our lives.

Revealing Power

We know that we need His power to do His work…but we are also praying that He would reveal His power.

We serve the same God as Moses, Elijah, & David…the same power that rose Christ from the dead is working today.

We need to ask that the Lord of Power would extend His hand and touch the lives of people. He is able through dreams and visions, signs and wonders, healings etc… When the power of the Lord shows up, it points to Jesus.

We need His power…we need more of Him!

Walking in Power

One thing that I believe happens is that we forget that we have the Power of God living in us and working through us. We begin to walk in fear. Fear of Others. Fear of attack. Fear of the future… Fear begins to strangle us! BUT NO…we have the Hope of Glory…the Power of God on our side.

Who shall we fear…if God is for us, who can be against us. We need to walk in the fullness of God, asking for Him to give us power each day.

Power – His not ours

We would all agree that we need the power of the Lord! I have the tendency to try and work in my power. Lord, grant us mercy…may we begin to work in you power and rely on you alone.

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