The “P” in Church Planting – Perseverence

One of the characteristics that we have seen in successful BAM people is PERSEVERANCE. As I have mentioned before, life working as a BAM person is full of struggles and spiritual battles. Satan is looking to knock you out of the game. It is not easy and many people quickly pack it up and head home.

How do you develop perseverance?

As I have watched people come and go over the years, I have started to ask myself this question. I am not sure there is a simple answer, however, I have developed one that works for me.

Perseverance is a choice!

Once you know that God has called you to do a certain task, you set your eyes on Jesus and start to do it. You make a choice to continue to push forward until He calls you to something else. This is perseverance.

A quick story

I know a family who has been serving the Lord faithfully for many years. They have gone through sickness, kid issues, deaths…but they know they have been called to this important task. The Lord has not yet released them from this calling, so they continue on.

In His strength

The other key component to persevering well is relying on the strength of Jesus and not your own. My tendency is to start to use my own power and strength when times get tough… I get off track!

When I fix my eyes on Jesus and rest in His power, I am able to move forward in His strength.

What a great comfort! We don’t have to do it ourselves but He carries the load with us.

It will be tough

One thing that you can count on…it will be hard. Life will get tough! But be assured, He that is in you in stronger than he that is in the world. Stand firm…

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