The “P” in Church Planting – Peace

Over the years, we have made it a habit of praying over and through the new houses that we rent. We call the entire team together and we spend time worshiping and praying for cleansing.

One of the requests that we lay before the Lord is that the house would be a place of PEACE. We pray the same for our offices or any other location where we will be spending a significant amount of time.

Peace stands out

Many of our friends come from backgrounds that are full of strife and turmoil. Their homes are full of arguments and struggles. When they come into our houses, we pray that they would feel the peace of Jesus in our home.

As they interact with our families, we pray that they would notice that peace in our lives and relationships.


One thing that I have noticed over the years in our country is that forgiveness is very rare. There are a large number of people that are not even speaking to someone else over a small little incident that took place 5 years back.

Reconciliation is a word that is very foreign to their minds.

One of the differences that we can make is to be people of reconciliation.

We can encourage our friends and business partners to try to forgive and to take the right step in reconciliation. If there is ever an argument in our office, I sit down with all of the parties and we talk it through. I tell them that Jesus encouraged us to forgive, so we will do the same in our work place. It has been received well when we have been able to do it.

Prince of Peace

One comment that we get over and over is that we are good people. It could be very easy to take credit for this, however, we try to point the glory back to Jesus.

We explain that it is the Prince of Peace, Jesus, living in our lives that has changed us.

We try to point them to Christ. At the end of the day, all that we do and who we are should give glory to Jesus.

Being people of peace will allow you an opportunity to share even more of the reason for your peace.

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