The “P” in Church Planting – Pace

Another one of the keys to a successful long-term BAM ministry is setting a good PACE.

From my experience, you can set a pace that is too fast, but you can also set a pace that is too slow!

The goal is to find the pace that is right for your family and calling of the Lord.

Have you ever watched young kids run a long-distance race? I remember watching a group of little kids take off on a fairly long race…2 laps around the field. There were those who started off at a full sprint, as fast as they could go.

They led the pack for about 100 meters and then ran out of steam. There were others who had no real motivation to be in the race, so they decided they would just walk for the entire 2 laps.

Those who did the best were the ones who set a good pace and were able to keep it for the entire race.

Although this story above applies to running, we can also make some correlation with your life as a BAM person. Over the past few years, I have seen all three types of people and pace in their work.

There is the sprinter, the walker and those keeping the pace.

Sprinting – How long can you run?

There are those people who seem to start with a bang. They are in a hurry to do everything! Whenever you see them, they are always busy running from one thing to another.

I would call them the BAM sprinter. They have not realistically set their pace for the long haul.

After a few months, they start to see the toll on their family, spiritual life, emotional life and business life.

Eventually they will run out of steam and quit the race.

Walking – Can you do better?

I have met some people in my life that actually are the opposite of the sprinters…they are the walkers. Perhaps walking is not even the best description; maybe I should describe them as unmotivated.

These people are those that do not really give any effort towards their calling or ministry. They lack motivation for language, for making relationships, or any real aspect of their calling. These people are rare…but there are a few.

These people need to evaluate their calling of the Lord and ask for his strength to move forward.

Setting the Pace

For those who really want to last in the race, they need to set a pace that works for them.

They do not need to try to keep up with others, but must run at their own pace.

Using the running analogy, you may need a coach to help you set the pace and you may need a pace that pushes you slightly. The same holds true in your ministry!

You will need people to speak into your life to help you set an appropriate pace of life; perhaps a team leader or colleague. You will also want to set a pace that pushes you slightly…something that helps you to keep getting better.

Most of us tend to comfort, so we need to set a tempo of life that keeps us moving forward.

Pace is something that takes time to sort out. Remember that there are different seasons of life which mean you might have to exert more energy or slow down.

Pace is important to consider as you start your life as a BAM person!

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