The Empathetic Investor – A Key to BAM

Raising capital can be a killer for new companies!

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with a few new “Business as Mission” startup companies. These companies have developed excellent business plans but then they hit a roadblock. Where in the world are they going to raise the capital finances for their new business venture?

A Risky Endeavor

As we have tried to raise capital funds for a number of small business startups, we have run into difficulties approaching traditional investors.

Traditional Investors are normally looking for:

A high percent return on their money
A business team with great experience
An environment that is politically stable
A fairly secure investment

The problem is that BAM ventures do not usually meet the above criteria. BAM ventures usually give a Kingdom ROI by a team that has great cultural experience.

A New Type of Investor

Because BAM ventures are a unique breed of business, they require a unique type of investor.

We have come up with a new category of investor, which we call a “Empathetic Investor”.

An Empathetic investor is someone who:

Is interested in the Kingdom ROI more than Financial ROI.
Is looking to invest their money for a small return (3 – 7%).
Appreciates that the business is NOT ONLY about making money.
Realizes the risks involved in investing in closed countries.
Understands that they could lose all of their money if the BAM entrepreneur gets expelled for preaching the truth.

Why are empathetic investors key?


With the billions of unreached people left on the earth, BAM businesses will need to play a more significant role in reaching these nations. As you know, most of these unreached peoples live in countries where traditional missionaries are not welcomed. Business as Missions is a model that is becoming more widespread among those focusing on restricted access nations.

As we look to launch new businesses in these regions, I believe that capital investment will begin to play a major role.

If Christians step up to the plate in the form of empathetic investors, we will see more and more successful BAM businesses established around the world.

However, if Christians do not grasp this important concept, we will be stuck with tons of willing BAM people with no way to access their focus groups.

Are you ready to get involved?

If you are interested to know more about investing in BAM ventures, please let us know.

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