Rethinking Your Core BAM Values

Are your foundations faulty?

Perhaps one of the most common reasons that BAM ventures fail is either a faulty foundation or lack of one altogether.

As I was driving downtown in our city the other day, I looked up and saw a brand new hotel. If I had to guess, I would have thought it was around 30 stories tall. My local friend mentioned how small it was compared to some of the massive towers in the United States.

Have you ever thought about what it takes to build something like that?

The architectural planning and construction are amazing! Although I don’t know anything about building, I do know that if you plan to build a large structure, you first need to lay a strong foundation. You must dig down deep and lay a foundation that will never be shaken.

We often talk about building platforms in creative access countries.

When I think of the word, “platform,” I think of a hollow structure made of boards. This is completely different than the image I see when I hear the word, “foundation.”

There is nothing hasty or impulsive about a foundation.

 There is thought, planning, and the hard work of digging and removing shifting soil to find bedrock. A foundation is built with patience and with expectation of what God will do in the future.

So what is the BAM foundation?

When I talk about the foundations of BAM, I am not really looking at business planning as the foundation. I am looking at the foundational core values that you hold true as a tentmaker.

What are your core values that drive how you operate? 

What is your philosophy behind your tentmaking ministry?

These are the foundations on which you are building your BAM business. You need to make sure you have carefully looked at and addressed each of your core values before you begin to build upon them.

Action Points

If you haven’t already done so:
1. Take some time to think through your business and ministry values.
2. Write them down!
3. Discuss them with your teammates and business partners.

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