business as commission

Business as Commission

She then said, “I know a lot of stories, but how do I enter Christianity? To enter Islam, you say the shehadda, but what do you say to enter Christianity?  What do you do?”  So many people have questions rising up in their hearts about what it means to believe in Jesus.  So many are looking.  So how do …

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BAM – Sharing on the Job

One of the questions that I get asked on a regular basis is, “How do you integrate your faith with your job?” What a great question! Since making money is not our primary focus, we need to be intentional about keeping the “main thing the main thing.” A Quick Story A few weeks back, one …

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5 Viewpoints to Consider

5 Viewpoints to Consider While Evaluating Your BAM Business Idea Your business idea is one of the backbones of your life as a Kingdom entrepreneur. There are a number of different methods to generate potential business ideas including:  Many new and inexperienced BAM practitioners ignore these methods completely and simply copy something that has worked …

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