On Kingdom Business: Transforming Missions through Entrepreneurial Strategies

Unreached people are primarily concerned for their ability to work and/or advance economically. This is a perfect place for the Christian business to step in and make a difference. Read On Kingdom Business: Transforming Missions Through Entrepreneurial Strategies to gain the foundation of this approach to business, as well as hear the lessons already learned by likeminded people.

According to V Downing’s review on Amazon, “Every Christian –especially every investor and every owner– who reads this book will be wonderfully encouraged or strongly convicted and then powerfully motivated to make money make an eternal difference. As a devoted follower of The Christ and a successful entrepreneur with Fortune 100 clients and assignments in Asia, North America, and Western Europe, I urge you to redeem your time by buying, studying, and implementing this book.”

Who should read this book?
Those who are starting a Kingdom business to gain what others have learned OR those who are looking for opportunities for their business to make a difference eternally.

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