Have we missed the point?

Are we harnessing the power of all our people for ministry?

Picture this!

The teens in your church are heading off on a missions trip to Haiti. They raise thousands of dollars so that they can go “serve” in Haiti for 2 weeks. The Sunday before they go, the church pastor invites them all up on stage! People gather around them, lay hands on them and pray for them. The church is sending them out to be salt & light in another land.

A few weeks later the kids return from having an amazing experience. Their lives are changed forever. You might even hear them say, “I am not sure what we did for Haiti, but God really changed my life.” These students put together a video or slideshow to report back to the congregation of what they had seen, done and experienced. What a wonderful “missions trip!”

A few weeks later one of the respected men in the church community is going on a business trip to China. This man is passionate about Jesus and loves to share his faith will all he comes in contact with. He is excited to go to China and be salt & light in that dark land.

Would your church invite him on stage a pray for him?
Is he being sent out from the church as salt & light?
Does the church commit to pray for him during his time?
Will he be given time to report about what the Lord did in China?



Is your church like most other churches that do not see the businessperson in a missional light? He is just going to do his job!

Is it time for a new model?

Why do we look at “missionaries” as the only ones who have been “sent out” from the local church to do the Lord’s work?
What if we started to look at every single believer as a potential “ambassador for Christ?”
Does someone need to belong to a mission agency to me an effective witness for Jesus?

If churches believe we will be able to accomplish the “Great Commission” with just missionaries, they are naive.

The church must begin to see each member as a potential ambassador for the cause of Christ. We must begin to intentionally send out business people, members of the military, students studying abroad, missionaries and all others in the Name of Jesus to impact the world.

What would be the result?

1. The church would gain a new excitement and understanding for taking the gospel to all nations through different avenues.
2. The sent out ones (businessmen, military, students etc) would be encouraged and held accountable to share Jesus.
3. They would also see their times abroad as having eternal purpose.
4. The church would see the gospel intentionally accessing areas that it never has before.
Members of the congregation will engage in praying for those living abroad in a new way.

“Full-time missions” is a wonderful calling! 

However, just because we are not missionaries in the traditional sense of the word does not mean we do not have a full-time calling on our lives!

We all have the responsibility to go make disciples!

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