Great Commission Companies

The authors offer a model for bringing together business and mission in Great Commission Companies. By doing legitimate business for profit and creating jobs for the economic health of the community, there is a place for spiritual input. The revised version includes current case studies of businesses doing this approach.

According to D English’s review on Amazon, “Unless I’m unaware of one, this is the best of its kind–a study of actual Business as Mission companies which are seeking to integrate the Great Commission into their business in various ways. Rundle and Steffen seek to analyze and evaluate these against key Biblically based objectives and standards to move forward our thinking about Christians running businesses as Great Commission-Kingdom committed people. And they are specifically looking at the impact and potential of such companies extending the gospel through planting growing church movements.”

Who should read this book?
Those with an interest in starting or those already engaging in a Kingdom business that transforms communities both spiritually and economically.

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