Go and Make Millions

When you read the title of this article, did it raise a question mark in your mind? Go and make millions!

One of the biggest criticism of those doing BAM is that they are going to lose their focus. I have heard is said many times, “People doing business as mission will get more focused on making dollars than on making disciples.”

Is that a true statement? Have we seen people doing “real business” lose their focus on ministry? I am sure there are some cases that you can point to but I can point to just as many “church planters” that have lost their focus to Netflix, Facebook and comfort.

Losing focus is a heart issue. Satan will use any form of distraction (money, comfort, social media etc) to get us to lose our focus on being ambassadors for Christ.

The Million Dollar Question

There is one practice that I believe is vital for every BAM entrepreneur: Evaluate your life to make sure you are keeping the “main thing” the “main thing.”

Let me first ask the million dollar question: What is the main thing?

In mind mind, it is very clear that the “main thing” is to glorify God.

But for those of us who are doing business as mission, there should be some other 2nd tier main things…

  • Are we intentionally using our business to proclaim the name of Jesus?
  • Are we modeling to locals what it means to work & do ministry?
  • Are we conducting our lives & business full of integrity?
  • Are we working for the Lord and not for man?
  • Does our business empower church planting?

Do you want to make millions?

The very nature of business is that it should be a profit making entity. It should be your desire to do real business which means to make money. Generating a million dollars in sales would be amazing, however is that our main goal?

I don’t think so!

We do want to make millions, however, I believe it is millions of something else. Our ultimate goal as Christ’s ambassadors is to focus on another goal. What is that goal?

The main goal

When Jesus sent out his disciples, he sent them out to make something! It wasn’t dollars… “Go into all the world and make disciples,” is what Jesus said in Matt 28. Earlier in Matthew, he actually told them not to worry about what they will eat or drink…but instead told them to preach the good news to the whole world.

I don’t think that this means we should not do business well & try to make a profit. What this does mean is that we should ALL focus on making disciples & sharing the good news of Jesus.

As much as I would love to see BAM businesses thriving financially, I long to see BAM businesses thriving spiritually.

Ideally, we’d love to see both happen! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have thriving, profitable businesses that are impacting the lost for Jesus.

100% Rule – Something to think about

There is a key rule that applies to the lost. I like to call it the 100% rule! This rule states that, “100% of all lost people are headed for an eternity in hell!” Not the 80/20 rule but 100%!

Praise the Lord there is an answer…JESUS!

Instead of making more financial commissions, we need to follow the Great Commission and make D’s – Disciples.

Ask yourself today, “Am I keeping the main thing the main thing?” If not, take some time to refocus your BAM life!

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