Web Design Company

Brief overview

As we all know, the Internet has radically changed the way people do business. Every company has a website and many companies use their websites as their primary marketing and sales tool. I have noticed that many foreign companies have very good programmers who know how to create websites and many of them are very attractive, however, I have also noticed that many of those same programmers do not understand anything about search engines, marketing strategies, and the front end user. I have noticed an opening in the market for good web design companies who not only create exciting and creative websites, but who turn these websites into valuable marketing tools. Do you have to know how to create websites to make this a success? I would encourage you to find a partner (local or foreign) who can create the code for the site and I would study, learn, and understand the art of website marketing and selling. This idea can work tremendously in countries that focus on tourism or other services that they are looking to sell to the world.

More Information
Capital / Setup Cost
Under $5,000
Rate of Technological Change
Very High
Time Involvement
20 – 30 hours per week
People Contact
Specific Training
Specific training required
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