Videography Company

Brief overview

As technology begins to reach the 3rd world, there is a growing demand for video production. Whether you are looking to start simple by shooting weddings, parties or other social gatherings OR you plan to jump into the professional arena of commercials and promotional materials, a small video company could be a good option. In many countries, a top of the line amateur video camera will give you an advantage over your competitors. For those looking to shoot at the commercial level, you will want to consider purchasing equipment that is credible and able to deliver the necessary level of production. Capturing video is perhaps the easy part of the job, while learning to edit and create high quality final products is what will sell to the clients.

More Information
Capital / Setup Cost
$30,000 - $75,000
Rate of Technological Change
Time Involvement
30 – 40 hours per week
People Contact
Specific Training
Specific training required
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