Relocation Management

Brief overview

With the rise of globalization, US and European companies are starting offices and companies in many foreign countries around the world. Each year, thousands of families are uprooted from their lives in their home countries and sent abroad to make a new home. How will they make the transition smoothly? Who will find them an apartment? Who will orientate them to culture? Who will help the wives and families fit into the new location? Relocation Management is a growing business with some major players leading the industry. With this is mind, you have two options to choose from: First, to start your own small company that focuses just on your city or your country, or second, to become a representative or subcontractor of one of the larger established companies. This job is perfect for someone who has already learned the local language and has established contacts in different arenas of local life.

More Information
Capital / Setup Cost
Under $5,000
Rate of Technological Change
Time Involvement
30 – 40 hours per week
People Contact
Specific Training
Little training
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