Laundry Service

Brief overview

If you live in an area with numerous hotels or guesthouses, you might want to consider a laundry service. Many large hotels have their own laundry facilities for their sheets, towels and other linens, however there are many smaller hotels that do not have the space or capacity to run their own cleaning service. A laundry service company would offer a very specific service to the hotel or restaurant industry. Each day the company would go around to the hotels / restaurants and collect the dirty linens (sheets, towels, napkins, table cloths) and provide them with freshly washed linens. You would need to make sure that you are able to deliver your fresh, clean items on time. Remember to think through the different seasons, amount of rain, electricity and other factors that could play into the success of your business.

More Information
Capital / Setup Cost
$15,000 - $30,000
Rate of Technological Change
Time Involvement
40 – 60 hours per week
People Contact
Specific Training
Little training
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