Indoor Play Space

Brief overview

For any of you who have children, one thing that you enjoy is a clean, safe play space. Our experience overseas has shown that there are very few places where middle class parents can take their kids to play. Depending on where you live, you may be faced with extreme climates (harsh winter or blazing summer). An indoor play space, that is well monitored and kept up, would be a hit for any parent. Perhaps teaming up with a local shopping area, you can create a safe space for kids to play while parents get their errands done. Without parental supervision, you may have some liability issues, but research in the local laws could easily show you what is allowed. Imported equipment would make it hard to copy, so may be a good idea for more competitive urban markets.

More Information
Capital / Setup Cost
$30,000 - $75,000
Rate of Technological Change
Time Involvement
30 – 40 hours per week
People Contact
Specific Training
Little training
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