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    Over the years of working in the field of business as missions, I have heard a number of different terms for how you plan to gain access to a “closed country”. I am sure you have heard people ask, “What’s your platform?” or “My cover is…” Although I understand the ideas behind these terms, they bring up some funny images in my mind. Platforms are for actors and are usually hollow! A cover implies that you are hiding something.

    I prefer to use the word “BAB”! The first reason is that BAB is the Arabic word for door. I love the idea of “How do you plan to enter into your host country?” Also, it has a very nice acronym. BAB – Business As Business.

    If you have ever had the opportunity to visit one of the ancient cities of North Africa, like Fes, you will quickly be amazed at the fantastic doors. You will notice some of the doors are wooden and others are metal. Some are simply rough wood, while others are intricately painted and designed. Some doors are tiny for one person to enter; yet others are massive doors that allow for a loaded mule to pass into the courtyard.

    I love the door analogy when it comes to describing the way you plan to access your host country. Not all doors are alike! They all have the same purpose but are vastly different. In the same way, not all businesses need to be alike. Your business might be created to be enough to only allow one person to enter, while someone else may create a venture that opens the way for many. You may have a very complex and expensive business idea, while someone else may want to use a simple, lower budget idea.

    The key is finding the right size door that will fit your needs. Over the next few chapters of this training course, we will be looking at the key elements of a successful door. We have seen that every functioning door must have:

    • A foundation (Prayer, Values & Planning)
    • Hinges (Profitable, Professional, Wanted & Proclaiming)
    • The Key (Unique to each door) • A Capstone (Jesus)

    The purpose of this course is to help you begin to think through these areas, so that you can create the best door for you and your team.

    The Door Analogy

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