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Preparing for a Life in Business as Mission
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    I strongly believe that anyone taking on any new job or life change, should know for sure if it is the Lord’s will. Whether one is moving to another state for a promotion, or moving overseas, one needs to continually seek the Lord for His will. Lesson 2 Laying the Spiritual Foundation

    Some people may disagree with me on this point, but I believe it is important for each Kingdom entrepreneur to have a calling from the Lord. Each of us may have a unique style of calling from the Lord; however, it is crucial to know that you are walking in His will. Take time to write down your exact call! If you don’t have one yet, ask the Lord to confirm His call in your life with verses, in prayer, and through godly people. Write down each specific incident so that when life gets tough, you will know the reason you are making this move or change.

    We ask all of our team members to write out their call. For most people, it is around 1 – 2 pages of amazing ways the Lord has confirmed His call. Once you have written out your call, show it to a few key people (such as your pastor or parents) to see if they have any questions or concerns.

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