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Preparing for a Life in Business as Mission
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    Before you write out your own personal Business Purpose Statement, take some time to answer the following questions. We will come back to most of these questions later in the course, but they should help you think through your purpose and motivations.

    1. Do you have the personal resources to help grow the business slowly or will you be dependent on the financial income produced by the business from the start

    2. Do you eventually want to live off of the finances of the business? 

    3. Would you like to create jobs in your host community? If yes, how many? 

    4. Do you understand that having employees will add responsibility, pressure, and complexity into your business? 

    5. Do you need to get a residency visa from your business?

    6. In your local context, do you know what defines a businessman? 

    7. Do you desire a business that thrusts you into maximum time with locals? 

    8. Are you committed to working in your field of training (medicine, aviation, etc.) or are you open to working in whatever field will work best in your setting?

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