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Preparing for a Life in Business as Mission
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    The first piece of the puzzle is to evaluate whether starting or running a Kingdom business is something that you should even consider. There are a number of other ways to gain access to a restricted access nation. You could choose to:

    • Go get a normal job with a “secular” company • Try to find an existing BAM venture to join
    • Register as a student
    • Start an NGO
    • Retire (if you are old enough)

    Here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

    1. Do I have the experience or education to run a business? 
    2. Do I have the ability and drive to get a business started? 
    3. Do I have the passion to invest in this business venture? 
    4. Will starting a business help my overall life goals & purpose? 

    A few tests…
    There are a number of excellent tests that you may want to take before heading off overseas as a Kingdom entrepreneur. One of the most helpful tests that I have taken over the years is the StrengthFinders ® Test. This test focuses on discovering your strengths.

    If you plan to work in a team, you may want to take the Belbin Team Roles test http:// , DISC® or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®. Each of these tests will allow you to get to know yourself and others better so that you may work more effectively together.

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