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Introduction – Laying The Foundation
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Preparing for a Life in Business as Mission
    About Lesson

    Hopefully you have finished our first course “Building a Strong Professional Identity”. If not, I would recommend that you go back & do that short course first.

    In this course, we will build on that foundation. We will take an in-depth look at the “door analogy” which will help you prepare for your life in BAM.

    This is not an introductory course! It is focused on helping someone looking at a potential life in Business as Mission. It will require some time to think through the questions. We even recommend that you go through this course with your team OR mentor. 

    Course Outline

    • Defining your Purpose
    • Laying the Spiritual Foundation
    • Defining your Core Values
    •  Starting to Develop the Plan
    • Is your Business Idea Culturally Appropriate and Wanted?
    • Will your Business Enable you to Proclaim?
    • How is your Professionalism?
    • Let’s Talk Profit!
    • Christ as Capstone & Cornerstone
    • Finding the Key

    How to use this course?

    There are really 2 ways that you can use this course. You can go through each of the lessons online in this training platform OR you can download the PDF version of the course to study offline.


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