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    As you begin to think about starting a business overseas, one must consider the purpose of your business. There are several different motivations for starting a business (see list below). Carefully read through the list and consider what you would like to see come from your business.

    • To Make Money – Most businesses are established from the point of view of generating profit. Business owners desire to make enough money to support themselves and others who are dependent on the business.

    • To Provide Jobs – Job creation is another reason why people desire to start their own business. Unemployment is very high in many third-world countries, so the local authorities welcome businesses that create job opportunities.

    • To Establish Residency – In many countries around the world, individuals must apply for visas / residence permits in order to reside. Owners of businesses can apply for business visas to establish long-term residency in a country.

    • For Appearances – Some people may not really care that their business is financially viable, however, they mainly care that the local community sees them as businessmen.

    • To Create Relationships – For those looking to develop relationships within the community, they may want to start a business that naturally thrusts them into relationships.

    • For Love of a Career – Some people are passionate about a certain career like medicine, education, or web design. As you begin your new business, you may want to leverage your passion to create a business in an area that you are passionate.

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