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    As I have had the opportunity to talk with many young, potential Kingdom entrepreneurs, I continue to hear the same thing. Most of them have told me that they not really interested in joining a mission organization, but rather just heading off on their own. They are not interested in the support raising, bureaucracy, and accountability of a mission organization. I can totally understand their desires, however, this is a decision that should not be made lightly.

    As you continue down the planning road, you will need to research and evaluate the way that you plan to go overseas. We will address questions like: Will you head out on your own or join a team? Will you apply with a mission organization or other professional organization?

    Are you Going to Go on your Own?

    For some people, they feel that the best way to achieve what God is calling them to do is to set out on their own. If this is what you are feeling, here are a few questions to consider.
    1. Who is going to hold you accountable? 
    2. How will you be financed? 
    3. Will your local church speak into your decisions? 
    4. What will you do about team or fellowship? 

    Are you Planning to Join an Organization?

    For others, they believe that the Lord is calling them to join an organization. This could be a mission organization OR a professional organization. Here are a few things to do before choosing an organization.
    1. Write down the non-negotiable values / characteristics that the organization must have. 
    2. Make a quick list of your top organizations through research on the internet, asking friends, talking with your pastor, and attending a missions conference. 
    3. Optional – Contact each of the organizations you listed to find out if they meet your non-negotiable criteria.
    4. Optional – Narrow down your list to your top 3 organizations and give them a call. You will want to ask them a few key questions like:

    • Does the organization do BAM?
    • How do they assist or empower their Kingdom entrepreneurs?
    • What are their thoughts on team? • What accountability do they offer?
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