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Introduction – Laying The Foundation
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Preparing for a Life in Business as Mission
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    As you continue to evaluate your future BAM endeavor, you will want evaluate whether or not you are able and qualified to run this new business. If you are looking to get a professional placement (job), you will need to make sure you have the appropriate skill set for the position.

    Consider your Training!
    1. What educational training or degrees do you have? 
    2. What additional specific training have you had? 
    3. Make a list of training that might be helpful to obtain before you start your business. 

    4. Talk to your business coach to see which training (from your list) would be recommended before you launch into your business.

    Think through your Experience
    1. Make a list of your work experience 
    2. Have you ever worked in your desired business sector? 
    3. If your answer to #2 was no, talk to your business coach about the possibility of interning with a similar business.
    4. Besides work experience, what else do you bring to the table? 

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