Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    Here are 11 reasons why a we believe a solid professional identity will propel you into Church Planting.

    #1. Access: Over 7,000 people groups are still considered unengaged or unreached and are located in countries where the governments do not grant visas to missionary organizations. Have a strong professional identity will allow you gain access into many of these unreached areas.

    #2. Secure and solid foundation to do CP: When your professional identity is secure, you have confidence to proclaim Christ boldly, thus empowering church planting.

    #3. Credibility with host people: Doing real business allows you to gain acceptance and respect with a community so that the love, truth and power of Christ can shine out of you every day.

    #4. Identify: Because we are working or running a local business, this allows the nationals to identify with us and connect with us because we are going through similar struggle and challenges. We can also better identify with them as we work amongst them.

    #5. Modeling: Non-Christians get to see first-hand what a Christian is like. We model to them what it means to be in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We also get to model to new believers how a Christian should work to provide for his family while at the same time using every opportunity throughout the day to share the love, truth and power of God.

    #6. Sustainability: We get to work ourselves out of a job so that when the Lord sends us on to our next assignment, what we have created can continue to empower others to carry on with with the work. The business continues on to be a blessing to the community long after you are gone.

    #7. People of Peace: A strong professional identity provides missionaries with natural and bountiful ways to meet and connect with potential people of peace that God has prepared in the local community from the poorest of the poor to leaders in the government.

    #8. Security: The world understands money, the world respects jobs, and the majority of the world is poor and in search of jobs. When we do legitimate business, we make it very difficult for governments to kick us out. They allow us to operate because of the blessing we are to the community.

    #9/ Holistic Transformation: Not only do we bring spiritual transformation through our jobs, we can also bring economic, social and even environmental transformation.

    #10. Incorporating business people into the missions world: Business opens a door for all types of people to be involved in reaching the unreached, not just the trained seminary worker.

    #11. Historically successful: We find a number of different professions throughout the Bible and throughout history. These different jobs have been instrumental in taking the Gospel to the least reached.



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