Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    Why are we taking the time and giving energy to train you in the area of professional identity and BAM?

    According to the Joshua Project, there are over 7000 unreached people groups in the world. 42% of the world is unreached. This should move your heart.

    We believe in Missio Dei: “The Mission of the God” or “The Sending of God” so that He would be glorified and worshiped by all peoples. (Revelations 5:9)

    We desire disciples that make disciples and healthy churches that plant healthy churches. We want to see this happen among every level of society in the area we are working— especially among the unengaged and unreached peoples groups around the world.

    We want to better equip and prepare Christ’s ambassadors (missionaries) to thrive in their calling to the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    The identity struggle is real!

    Identity is a real issue that anyone living in a “restricted country” will wrestle with. Over the past 20+ years of living in North Africa, I have heard from many who have struggled as a result of their professional identity.

    Here are a few ways it has impacted our friends lives…

    • We have had a number of friends who have actually left the field because of their struggle with their professional identity.
    • Some of our friends have lived with constant stress because they have never come to terms with their professional identity. They feel like they are living 2 lives!
    • For some, lack of professional identity has impacted their long-term effectiveness. They have been less bold because they might get “found out.”

    I’ll say it again, “The identity struggle is real!”

    Why all the fuss? We want to see the light of Jesus taken to every unreached people group of the world. We believe that a strong, long-term professional identity will play a key role in making that happen.

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