Building a Strong Professional Identity
    About Lesson

    With the growing emphasis that missionary sending agencies are placing on taking the Gospel to the remaining 7,000+ un-reached people groups of the world we need to remember these points:

    • Most UPGs are located in countries where the Gospel is not welcome. Are these countries “Closed”?
    • Remember, we don’t believe there are any closed countries.
    • They might be closed to our methodologies, terminology and even nationalities.
    • Job-taking & BAM are wonderful tools that will allow “access” to every country in the world. Plus, with the Holy Spirit in charge, we know He can open up the right doors.
    • Instead of using the terms “cover” or “platform” we like the term “identity”.

    In this lesson we are going to take a look at some of the principles that guide us when thinking about how we will access or enter the nation that God has called us to work in. We have developed a simple analogy using a door. The physical parts of the door will help you to easily remember the principles for developing a solid professional identity.


    Watch the video in the next lesson as we introduce the analogy of a door with regards to access.



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