Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    Here at BAM 360 we have three phases for helping prepare future missionaries to do BAM among the unreached in order to see the church planted:

    Education Phase:

    • Introduction to Professional Identity Development course: This is the course you have just completed. The idea is to help introduce you to the concepts of BAM and the importance of a professional identity.
    • BAM Foundations: This is a longer course that will help you think through some of the important questions before jumping into a life of BAM.

    Preparation Phase:

    • Business Plan Process: We offer a 26-step process that will help you identify ideas for your future business, research your principal idea, and develop a business plan that will help you know if you should carry out your idea or not. This is all done online. This plan will then act as a road map for you as you implement your idea. The process will prepare you as you go on home assignment so that you can confidently raise startup capital for your BAM venture. Contact us at if you are interested in learning more.

    Implementation Phase:

    • We believe this phased in super important and where most people fail. We will connect you with a professional business consultant that will walk alongside you as you implement your business plan. This person will give you practical advice and accountability. You will not feel like you are going through this challenging process alone. We want to help you to succeed and having a coach to work with you is an integral part of this process.
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