Building a Strong Professional Identity
    About Lesson

    Before we go deeper into Professional Identity, we wanted to take some time to explore the Theology of Work. What does the Bible say about work?

    Have you developed your own Biblical approach to work?

    • What do you really believe about work?
    • Is work a good thing or something to just endure?
    • Can we honor God with our work?
    • Do we work in order to rest or rest in order to work?

    Our goal of this lesson is to have you stop & think about your view of work! Your view of work will ultimately impact the way you approach your professional identity.

    Here are a few optional resources that might help you as you think through what the Bible says about work.

    1. A condensed overview of what the Bible says about work – Blog
    2. The most important reason we work – Blog by Desiring God
    3. Why work matters – Video by Tim Keller
    4. Devotional on Work – Jordan Raynor

    At the end of the day, each individual needs to decide in their heart what the Lord is asking them to do in regards to their daily work. One thing for sure…we work for the Lord & not for man!

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