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    Introduction to BAM

    BAM stands for Business as Mission.

    The most recent and academic definition proposed and accepted by the BAM Think Tank in 2014 defines BAM businesses by the following 4 criteria:

    1. Intentional about Kingdom of God purpose and impact on individuals, families, communities, nations and all of creation;
    2. Focused on holistic transformation in the context of the multiple bottom lines of spiritual, economic, social and environmental outcomes;
    3. Concerned about the world’s poorest and least evangelized people;
    4. Committed to being profitable and sustainable. (

    Over the years, the term BAM has evolved from its original meaning of starting businesses for ministry purposes to being a genre that encompasses a variety of different strategies for impacting the world for God’s glory.

    As happens, people have become quite passionate about which term is the most correct term to be used. It is good to be aware of the meaning behind the words. In the BAM 360 training, we will use the term BAM to refer to both job-making and job-taking.

    In closing, we really like this simple definition:

    BAM is the intentional integration of cross-cultural business and ministry that:

    • Enables proclamation
    • Focuses on holistic transformation
    • Is concerned for the least reached
    • Is committed to profitability and sustainability

    All we are – including our businesses – belong to our God.


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