Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    In 2011, after the Arab Spring Revolution, it seemed like the floodgates opened with workers arriving in North Africa. In a span of 1 year, we had a significant number of singles, couples and families join our team. What a wonderful gift! The Lord had provided more harvesters to join in the work.
    Over the next year, our team began to struggle through the idea of identity. We were constantly talking through questions like:

    • How does a family with 4 kids fit into the visa category of “student?” 

    • Is it deceptive to be a “tent-faker?” 

    • How much income do you need to produce to be legitimate? 

    • What do we really want to be known for?

We realized that the concept of “identity” was more than just a “buzz word” but was something that could have potential impact on the long-term effectiveness of our team. Understanding its importance, we decided to dedicate some significant time at one of our country retreats to discuss identity. 
Over the next few days, we talked, brainstormed and formulated some foundational ideas about identity. What initially came out of those meetings were two key components that the missionary needed to have: Christian Witness and Professional Identity.

    ***Listen to this audio file while looking at the picture below.

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