Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    One Core Identity with 3 Facets: Christian Witness, Cultural Awareness, and Professional Identity

    Over the years, we have come to see that every ambassador of Jesus (missionary or cross cultural worker), has three facets to their identity; Christian witnesscultural awareness, and professional identity. All 3 of these facets are important and need development and attention. Let’s take a quick look at each:

    • Christian Witness: this is our primary identity! We are lovers of Jesus Christ. We might want to avoid terms like “missionary” or “evangelist” but must never shy away from being known as followers of Jesus. We are NOT ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to be abiding with Jesus and constantly growing in our walk with Him.
    • Cultural Awareness: this is our ability to understand and interact appropriately with the host culture. Perhaps this is seen through speaking the local language or dressing appropriately. There are many ways that we can grow in our cultural awareness. Being lifelong learners is a key characteristic of effective long-term workers.
    • Professional Identity: this is the answer to the question, “What do you do?” This question may be asked by your neighbors, colleagues or even the local police. By some intentional hard work & time, we believe you can grow in your professional identity.

    Every person needs to determine, understand, and own their identity. If they are comfortable and confident in all three, it allows others around them to be comfortable and confident with their presence in the host country. It also will help them to be free and bold to express their love for Jesus in a natural and powerful way.

    Remember, it this course we are going to primarily focus on developing a strong professional identity.


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