Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    There are really 2 ways that you can use this course. You can go through each of the lessons online in this training platform OR you can download the PDF version of the course to study offline.


    Professional Identity or BAM (Business as Missions)?

    In this course, we will be focusing mainly on the overarching topic of Professional Identity. If God has laid on your heart the desire to go into a “restricted access nation” (a nation where they don’t give traditional missionary visas), then you WILL NEED a professional identity.

    In the simplest form, your professional identity is the answer to the question, “So what do you do?”

    There are a number of different responses to this question, which means there are a few different options for your professional identity. This is where many people automatically think of BAM: starting a business that allows you to gain access and declare the glory of Jesus.

    BUT starting a business is not your only option for a strong professional identity. You could also:

    • Take a job in a secular company
    • Take a job in an existing BAM business
    • Work as a pastor for an international church
    • Study language as a student
    • Study any postgraduate topic at a local university
    • Retire in your country of choice
    • Work in a foreign or local NGO
    • Visit as a tourist

    Our goal is help anyone who is looking to serve Jesus in a restricted or creative access nation. By the end of this course, you should understand the

    • Importance of a strong professional identity
    • Three components of identity
    • The dangers of a weak identity
    • 11 ways that your professional identity will empower Church Planting (CP)
    • Basics of Business as Missions
    • And much more…
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