Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    Cautions regarding BAM and Job-taking:

    • A solid professional identity is needed by everyone but starting a business is not for everyone. This is why we include Job-Taking when talking about BAM.
    • Most people are not entrepreneurs.
    • Starting a business requires a lot of sacrifice and work- count the cost, both with your team and with your family.
    • We recommend starting a business with a team approach. No one person has all the gifts, abilities and time to get everything done well.
    • Even job-takers will be more effective in church planting if they are part of a team that has a strategic plan with accountability.
    • Taking a job from a secular company or organization needs to be thought through and prayed about. Many companies have strict rules on proselytizing. The work requirements can also be quite stringent. Make sure you do your research beforehand.

    In closing, take a second and read this short blog by BAM practitioner Toby Miles, where he briefly touches on some of the challenges of doing Business as Mission. Read BAM РDid you see that coming!

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