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    What does a BAM Venture Need?

    As I have evaluated BAM ventures in different countries, cultures and contexts, I have identified 6 core components that must be in place for the business to have a good chance of success. Each of these 6 areas is super important for the success of the business

    1. Strong Business Idea – a tested idea that has the potential for growth & impact
    2. Accountability – oversight guided by benchmarks, measurements and feedback
    3. Business Plan – a thorough playbook that can be executed by the champion and their team
    4. Funding – suitable capital funds that will fuel a successful launch
    5. Champion – a key person that leads the venture; doing what it takes to get the job done
    6. Execution – appropriate people and work output to execute the business plan 

    If you want to take a deeper look at each of these components, you can read 6 Core Components to Implement BAM Effectively

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