Building a Strong Professional Identity
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    1. As you are starting your business or taking a job cross-culturally, be very intentional to let your new relationships know that you are a Christian / Christ follower / Spiritual Person. You may not get a chance to share the Gospel right away, but laying that foundation early will make it natural and easy as time passes.

    2. Starting a business in a foreign country or setting up a new life cross-culturally can feel like you are just running around doing meaningless tasks at times. Be intentional at every part of the process to take time with people. Remember, we are asking God to lead us to the people of peace / people that He has prepared to plant the church.

    3. Keep your phone handy! Add the names of people you meet to your contacts app– put tags or notes that will help you remember key things about them and then keep adding to this list as the relationship grows. (Greeting people by name and asking about their kids by name goes a long way in establishing relationships in the community.)

    4. Use the fact that you are new in their country to ask lots of questions. Being eager to learn will allow you to ask questions that will help to get spiritual conversations going. (Using the ANY 3 method gives you simple questions that will soon have you in some great spiritual conversations) CLICK HERE FOR BOOK ON KINDLE

    5. Be intentional about prayer. Team prayer meetings, prayer walking in the morning, prayer drives where you circle the city with a group of teammates, praying for the first 20 minutes on any long distance trip you take, and looking for opportunities to pray with your new relationships that are forming. (Muslims will rarely turn down prayer for healing or for some other problem in their life. Let’s be conduits for God’s power to work.)

    6. The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) approach is a way to find Muslims that are open to seeking truth. Be on the lookout for the people that are spiritually hungry and then invite them to study God’s Word with their friends. Teaching our friends to discover God, obey Him and share His truths are principles that lead to groups and churches being formed. The DBS method starts Muslims studying God’s Word with people they are somewhat familiar with- Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses. CLICK HERE FOR DBS BOOK ON KINDLE.

    7. Take advantage of special events to invite people to your home. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and birthdays are all examples of ways to invite your friends to your home while also providing a launching pad for sharing the Gospel message.

    8. Be a faithful member of the international church in your city. There is no reason to hide that you are a believer. Then, get involved in the media followup ministry for your area. Being a faithful church member will give you a valid reason for following up with locals who write in from websites and satellite TV. Media helps connect you with the spiritually hungry people in your area.

    9. Working in CP among the unreached is messy. This is the enemy’s territory. Don’t think he is going to let you waltz in and start setting the prisoners free without some kind of fight. Put on the full armor of God every day because you won’t survive without it.

    10. You have to love the people!

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