Business as Mission – 3 Ways to Get Involved

One question that I am asked on a regular basis is:

“I am very interested in Business as Mission, how can I get involved?”

I love to hear that question because it means that the Lord is prompting another heart to reach the nations. I can think of a few ways that someone can get involved in Business as Mission, they are:

Invest your time & expertise

The first way that you can get involved is to offer your time or expertise to a kingdom business that is already running or just starting. Over the past few years the number of BAM owners has started to grow, however, many of them are not businessmen or have very little business experience.

We desperately need experts in different areas of business to coach, mentor or even work alongside these young business entrepreneurs.

How can you get connected with a BAM opportunity? I can think of a few ways: 1) Get involved in a Kingdom Business Network like the OpenNetwork 2)Check out a website like 3) Contact a mission organization to see if they have any current needs.

Invest your money

Another very simple way to get is to offer investment capital to one of these Business as Mission ventures. I regularly hear of BAM entrepreneurs looking for investors, not donations! They are looking for start-up capital for their new business but have no idea where to start. As an investor, you are also able to speak into their business and give some guidance where needed.

Invest your life

One final way is to commit to becoming a BAM person yourself. This is not a simple decision, but needs to come with prayer and a calling of the Lord. Taking your family overseas to start a business venture is a wonderful thing but can be challenging and very difficult. Part of investing your life is committing to the appropriate training, language learning, lifestyle, and accountability.

For those looking to get involved in this way, contact a bunch of mission organizations and ask about their philosophy of BAM.

Business as Missions is a way that the Lord is changing the nations. How about getting involved!

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