Being intentional is not always easy…

How do we use our time more effectively for the Lord?

I was talking with one of my business partners the other day and we got onto the topic of intentionality. The topic came up during our conversation on how we should use our office hours more effectively for the Lord.

The answer may not be an easy one, but we both agreed that we had to be more intentional in the way we live out our lives.

In Business

If you are going to run a successful BAM business, it is going to take time and energy. You will have plenty of tasks needing to get done and you will have many “distractions” – PEOPLE. Just when you sit down to finish a few more emails, someone will walk in off the street! Is this really a distraction or is this an opportunity?

Being intentional means stopping your work and taking the time to engage with this person. If we are not in the community to share our lives with people, we might as well go home.

Are you intentional with your business?

In Relationships

I love hanging out with my local friends! We go out to coffee shops or hit the barbecue joint. Life could be very comfortable if I never brought up the topic of Jesus. In our country, religion is an easy topic of discussion, but when we begin to talk about Jesus…it gets interesting!

If I want to be intentional in my relationships, I need to look for opportunities to proclaim Jesus to my friends.

I don’t mean forcing it on them, but natural ways to share my faith and relationship with Christ? Are you being intentional with your relationships?

In Life

There are tons of other areas where you need to be intentional, like where you live, how you raise your kids, or what your wear. We are currently looking for a new apartment! We could very easily go for the “safe” or “secure” area of town with the high fences, however, if our purpose is to share our lives with our neighbors, we need to be intentional about where we live. For our family, it is more important to be with people that to be comfortable or secure. Are you being intentional with your life?

Being intentional is not an easy thing but it is so important. Make sure you take time to think through every aspect of your life to see how you can be more intentional for the Lord.

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