BAM – Sharing on the Job

One of the questions that I get asked on a regular basis is, “How do you integrate your faith with your job?” What a great question! Since making money is not our primary focus, we need to be intentional about keeping the “main thing the main thing.”

A Quick Story

A few weeks back, one of my subcontractors called to get together for coffee. We met to discuss some of the past business and also future endeavors.

Over the course of the hour, this man began to share about his family. He started to tell me about problems in his marriage and how that was hard in his work. Because of our business relationship, the Lord opened up an opportunity for me to share of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Before driving back the office, we prayed together in his car. What was the key to this situation?

Relationships & Trust

One of the key principles for sharing on the job is developing trust between your employees and business associates.

Jumping right into preaching to them will most likely not be accepted well, however, if you take time to get to know them and develop trust, the door will be open for your sharing. T

hrough everyday relationships and situations, you will have opportunities to show how Christ can make a difference.

Be Intentional

Very often you read how many tentmakers get caught up in the business and lose the focus of ministry. One important factor to combat this is to stay very intentional in your sharing.

Pray to the Father for opportunities to share in your workplace. Ask probing questions to your employees and business associates.

Look for opportunities to share small & large portions of truth during your business day.

I would even recommend having an accountability partner to speak into your life concerning your ministry.

Make it Normal

If from the very beginning, you make your walk with Jesus a normal part of your life, people will see that this is just “who you are.”

Talking about what you have read in the word each day OR praying for troubles are easy ways to incorporate your faith into your business life.

I believe we should be living out Jesus always! We do not do business and ministry…our lives always proclaim Christ. Make your relationship with Him the most important part of your life.

One thing I know for sure, we need to be proclaiming!

I would rather you fall on the side of too much proclamation that too little.

Seek the Lord for specific chances to talk about and model the love of Jesus.

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